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i used to knit when i was young – by which i mean that i made lots of garter stitch rectangles, getting mum to do the casting on and off. i vaguely remember learning about purl, but i don’t think anything came of it.

i learned to knit again a few months ago at a stitch & bitch hosted by cherry bomb comics. melissa showed me how to cast off, i figured out an easy way of casting on (the twist-round-one-thumb method, i don’t know what it’s called officially) and i was away. i made lots of scarves, then i learned some new things (increasing, decreasing, purl) and figured out that it’s not all magic or insanely difficult, it’s just learning and practicing and following directions or making up your own. i actually learn better from diagrams and reading descriptions rather than from people showing me how to do things (i think because i have to intellectually understand what i’m trying to do before i can ask my hands to do it). so, now i know four ways of casting on and i’m happily knitting on double pointed needles and if i don’t know how to do something in a pattern i’ll google it rather than giving up. i’ve only made little things so far, but i’m having fun and learning a lot.

so this is somewhere for me to write about knitting and keep track of my projects and stuff. hi!


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  Anonymous wrote @

how do you actually cast off? and what are the four types of knitting?

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