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a knitty week

i’ve been a little knitting-obsessed this week. partly as a procrastination technique, partly because i’m learning so much and have lots of ideas for new projects.

on tuesday evening i went to stitch & bitch at cherry bomb comics.

pointy hat

i’d just finished my stripey goblin hat and couldn’t think of much new to knit, but it was just fun sitting around knitting with people and talking about techniques and stuff. i also picked up some great new comics to read: “likewise #1″ by ariel schrag and “la perdida” #1 and #4 by jessica abel (i already had #2 and #3).

i’m knitting another pair of voodoo wrist warmers for laura, but they’re on hold at the moment – i ran out of yellow, then i picked up some more from geoff’s emporium, then i knitted another couple of stripes and ran out of purple. so i’m waiting for laura to pick up some more.

i’d noticed that the bernina shop on dominion road had yarn, so i dropped in one day after work. they have a pretty limited selection, but i picked up a couple of balls of panda “magnum” (they also have little balls of panda “disco” acrylic in bright colours, a few kinds of 100% wool and some knitting supplies).

& i got knitknit #4 in the mail from microrevolt. it’s a bit smaller and less handmade than i was expecting (i.e. not at all) but it has pretty pictures and interesting short articles about artists and activists who incorporate knitting in their work, high school boys who knit, and other stuff. i’ve already knitted the pattern in this issue, but my geodesic hat came out too small for my big head. here it is, modelled by a bottle of grapeseed oil in the absense of a more suitable mannequin.

geodesic hat (front)

right now, i’m between projects (both the things i’m working on require more yarn) but there are lots of things i’d like to knit, so i’ll probably start something else soon.



  mary jessica wrote @

Holy crap what a great web site! I’m also a vegan knitter (and, by checking out the comics links, looks like we also share a common comics/zines interest). I’ve been vegan for around 5 years and knitting for only about 6 months but already share some of the frustrations in finding good yarn. Generally, though, I don’t have trouble. Keep this up!! xo MJ

  moira wrote @

hey, thanks for commenting! i was looking at the pictures on your blog – your first sweater is so cute and stripy! i have yet to knit anything that big, but i’m excited to try.

i’ve been meaning to write a post about all the amazing vegan yarns i’ve found on online yarn shops (mostly in the U.S). – some of them are really fancy! but also, expensive.

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