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i’ve been keeping an eye on trademe recently for knitting yarns, and i bought a whole bunch of acrylics and cottons this week:

lots of yarn

some of my favourites are:

fantasie coloris cotton knitting yarn

fantasie coloris 100% cotton yarn by thorobred scheepjeswol. the colours in this are amazing, it’s all lumpy and strange. i only have one ball of this, so i’m not sure what i’ll do with it, but i’m in love with it.

patons sunspun cotton knitting yarn

sunspun cotton bouclé by patons. i have nearly two balls of this, and it looks to me like a summery bonnet.

crucci matisse knitting yarn

matisse by crucci – 80% cotton, 20% polyester. i like the texture and colour of this. again, i’ve only got one little ball so i’m not sure what i’ll do with it.

wendy mermaid double knit yarn

mermaid by wendy is so weird, but so mermaidy! it’s 54% cotton, 27% polyester, 15% nylon and 4% acrylic. one of my nieces is very into mermaids, so this might become something for her.

i finished knitting laura’s wrist warmers this week:

laura warmers

the purple stripes are “venus” acrylic, which is softer and thinner than other acrylics i’ve knitted with. laura got me a few extra balls of it in purple and green which will come in handy for some little accessories or something.

i wanted to try the magic drop-stitch scarf idea, but after knitting a little piece to test it out, i decided i wanted to try making a collar rather than a scarf. it worked, but it looks pretty silly:

silly collar

it’s different to the method i linked in that i kept two stitches then dropped one rather than dropping every other stitch. also, my crochet hook was much smaller than my knitting needles, which is why the top is all bunched together. here’s the stitch pattern close up:

drop stitch pattern

it was a fun thing to make, and a good thing to learn, though i don’t really like the result.

& i forgot to post about it last time i updated, but i knitted with cat5 cable! just a little swatch to start with, but i want to make something bigger. it was pretty hard to work with and took ages. i had to use metal needles as plastic ones weren’t up to the task.

knitting with cat5

knitting with cat5

knitting with cat5

i’m not sure what i’ll knit next – maybe something cotton since i have so much of it now! yay for trademe.



  Kitten wrote @

What’s cat5 cable? Whatever it is, it looks awesome.

  moira wrote @

thanks! cat5 is computer network cable. i split the plastic coating off the outside and separated it into individual wires for knitting.

  lhizz wrote @

hi m! Happy to find your knitting journal – crafty is gooooood 🙂

I found a yarn you might be interested in: Zhivago by Patons. It’s 50/50 acrylic and tencel, and is so soft and silky to use. I don’t know whether it comes up on Trademe often, but I’ve seen quite a few balls show up in the local wool shops’ bargain bins.

Heh, I remember buying Fantasie Coloris in the late 80s – I probably still have a few scraps around the place, scary. Btw, I think that collar came out really well!

  moira wrote @

hi lhizz! thanks for the tip, i’ll keep my eyes open for it.

fantasie is WEIRD, but i’m sure i’ll be able to do something interesting with it.

i’m not sure about the collar! but it was a fun method, i’ll definitely do other things with it.

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