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sun spun

i started knitting a bonnet at stitch and bitch on tuesday night, and finished it last night!

closeup of summer bonnet

this yarn was so nice to knit with! it’s 100% cotton and sort of flannelly. i have about 3/4 of a ball left, so i might be able to make something little and matching, or use it as a trim or stripes or something. it looks like pretty old yarn from the label design, so i don’t fancy my chances of finding more to buy. here is what it looks like knitted:


i learned a new thing with this bonnet: symmetrical decreases! k2tog on one side, ssk on the other. it looks much neater (than k2tog on both sides), and was easier to learn than it sounded.



  Ida wrote @

Hi!!!! I’m also a vegan knitter and am going to start knit-blogging in a month or so (when I have time).

Super happy to have found your site!

  moira wrote @

yay! let me know when you start blogging, i’m always interested to read about more vegan knitting adventures.

  Ida wrote @

I will definitely let you know! Us vegan knitters are a rare bunch! 🙂

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