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about a month ago, i was rifling through the table of books on sale at dymocks, and found “baby bloom” by erika knight for $10. it’s a book of knitting patterns for babies and mums, and it has cute patterns and lots of well-lit closeup photos of stitches and yarn.

i started knitting a bright red pair of “dainty bootees” today for a niece-to-be:

progress so far

but i’m temporarily stuck. the pattern’s not the clearest in the first place (the instructions for moss stitch would actually give you 1×1 rib if you followed them) & the bit i’m on now assumes you’ve made booties before, i guess. it could do with a diagram. i have a rectangle of stocking stitch, and it wants me to “pick up and knit” along the sides and top. so, i’ve put it aside for now and i’ll do some googling later. if you’re reading this and you have any clues, please leave a comment!


  Kitten wrote @

Moss stitch – maybe work the 1×1 rib pattern over an uneven number of stitches?

As far as picking up stitches and knitting goes, it’s straightfoward. There’s a generic sock help site, which I’m not too sure of the URL. Maybe someone else could point you in that direction, or I could dig it out of my links. Whichever comes first.

  moira wrote @

thanks. i know about moss stitch, i was just confused that the pattern had incorrect instructions. but maybe it’s just one of those things that experienced knitters assume that people know.

i found these two tutorials about picking up and knitting:


so i’m sure i can figure it out, but the pattern is still a bit unclear as to which stitches you actually pick up.

i’ll have a go at it soon, and i’ll probably post about it again if i can’t figure it out.

  natalie wrote @

trying to knit these booties too at the moment and the instructions seem very vague…

if you get any help please let me know…likewise if i make any progress on them i will post here!



  James wrote @

You’d better hurry up. Shaun says they’re expecting her in the next two to four weeks!


  granny wrote @

hey, usually pick up and knit means pick up the edge of something you want to join onto the knitting you have on your needles. So you slip the stitch onto the needle and knit the two stitches together (one from piece to join on and one from work on needle).Does this make any sense to you sweetheart? Maybe. If not I’ll talk you though it on the phone.good luck.
ps baby’s head is almost engaged, so not long to go

  Ida wrote @

This site has a video for picking up stitches. Scroll down the page:


  lana wrote @

Great Site!!!! I love those little booties too!!! Very cute! ^_^

  moira wrote @

lana: thanks!

natalie: that would be great! i’ve put them on hold for a little while (not too long, as the baby’s due really soon!) but if i make any progress i’ll definitely let you know.

granny d: thanks! that makes some sense, since i have two pieces and was expecting to join them together soon. i’ll have another look at the pattern this weekend & see if i can figure it out.

  moira wrote @

& thanks ida, too! some of the other videos on that site look really useful too.

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