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i’ve been acquiring again this week. trade me is so great, i’ve found all kinds of interesting yarns for reasonable prices. this week i bought:

sheba and jester

LOTS of “sheba” acrylic yarn in “lichen” and a few balls of “jester” (some kind of synthetic boucle) in “firebrand”. here they are close up:

sheba yarn

sheba is 100% acrylic, & was made by sirdar. i love it! i’m thinking it will make a cute dress or skirt or something.


jester doesn’t specify a fibre content, but it’s definitely synthetic. it was made by mosgiel ltd in dunedin. i have no idea what i’ll use this for, but i love it! it feels like it would be too scratchy for any clothes worn close to the skin.

also from trade me, i got some yellow “candy cotton” by twilleys.

twilleys candy cotton yarn

it’s a ribbon yarn and is 100% cotton. i should have enough of this to make a summer top.

& last but not least:

mon tricot knitting dictionary

mon tricot knitting dictionary for $5! this is a stitch dictionary with instructions and photos for hundreds of knitting stitch patterns, as well as crochet & tunisian crochet & other needlework. this will be so useful!

& not from trade me but from fishpond.co.nz, i bought myself

stitch n bitch nation

stitch ‘n bitch nation! it was surprisingly cheap, & i’ll probably buy myself the first book soon. there are so many cute patterns! some of them don’t appeal at all, but i want to knit probably about half of them, which is a pretty good ratio. & i knitted one of them already:

lichen booties

these are (more or less) “one hour baby booties”, knitted with the sheba yarn pictured above. yay for almost-instant gratification! & i learnt a new thing – the “make one” increase.

i haven’t given up on the booties i posted about last time, i’ll have another look at the pattern this weekend and see what sense i can make of it. thanks everyone for your suggestions!


  Missy wrote @

Hey, I really like your blog! It’s one of the first vegan knitting blogs I’ve seen, and I’m always interested in seeing different perspectives on things. Nice design too. I’ll definitely check back to see what you’re up to. Great yarn you’ve got there. I’m a big fan of ribbon yarn.

  moira wrote @

hey, thanks! i like your blog too, i’ve been reading for a while and meaning to comment. thanks for linking me.

i haven’t knitted with ribbon yarn yet, but i like how it looks & it should be fun to try.

  Brittni wrote @

Greetings old soul! I enjoy reading your knitting blog, for I do take great interest in knitting myself. I’m curious about those linchen booties you have pictured. Is there any way you can share the pattern? I am 7 months pregnant with my first child and have made booties thus far, but these are different than the other patterns I’ve seen…more eccentric yet simple. Let me know if you can share…and always do take care. +Brittni

  moira wrote @

hi brittni! i’m glad you like reading my blog, i’ll have to start updating it again.

the pattern for the lichen booties is in the book “stitch ‘n bitch nation” by debbie stoller (which is pretty recent and available from lots of places), except that i used some old yarn i bought from an online auction rather than the yarn in the pattern, and i didn’t add the cutesy bootie straps.

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