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bunny hat!

i made another hat! this one is baby-sized, and is for a soon-to-be-born niece. here it is, ably modelled by a bottle of grapeseed oil (hmm, i guess this means the geodesic hat i knitted a while ago is baby-sized too):

bunny hat

it’s the bunny hat from stitch n bitch nation, except that i didn’t embroider a face on it, and i attached the ears differently, and i used super-cheap yarn. i liked the hat shape without the ears, and might end up knitting other versions of it. i learnt how to knit i-cord for this pattern, which was a lot easier than i’d thought it would be.

here are some photos of other baby hats made by jennifer small, who designed this hat. so cute! i love her version of the bunny hat with little knitted vegetables attached.

the next thing i want to try from this book is the “lucky” cardigan. i might try knitting a gauge swatch this week.


fibonacci striped hat

j kept trying to steal my brown hat, so i made him one of his own:

james wears his fibonacci hat

the stripes follow the fibonacci sequence!

i’m going through a bit of a hat phase at the moment. i’ve started making the bunny hat from stitch ‘n bitch nation, and i have a few other ideas for hats made out of some of the random yarn i have acquired. also, here are some amazing crocheted hats: ana voog!

i picked up a few more balls of random yarn today from masco’s in the downtown shopping centre. they have a pretty good range of yarn, but not much that’s both non-animal and fancy. there’s a really big range of local 100% wool, possum blends, fancy alpaca and things, and there’s a fair amount of plainish acrylic and synthetics, and lots of eyelash/ fake fur type novelty stuff, as well as a few ribbon yarns. i picked up a ball of denim-style cotton, which was the only interesting plant fibre yarn i could find. i might end up buying more for cleo from knitty if i can make it fit the gauge. i also bought a couple of balls of crazy multicoloured acrylic, and a ball of patons “tufty” which is a weirdly appealing mixture of rope-ish yarn and soft fringe. in any case, it was cool to finally visit a proper local yarn shop, even if most of the yarn wasn’t suitable for me.

i’m thinking of starting the “lucky” cardigan from stitch n’ bitch nation. i haven’t done lace before, or anything as big as a cardigan, but it’s CUTE, and i discovered that some cotton i bought from trademe appears to be just the right weight, and i have about exactly the right amount of it. there’s a knitalong on the craftster board for this pattern, too, so at least i will have some people to ask questions of if i can’t figure it out.

also last week, i made a set of double pointed knitting needles from a dowel i bought from mitre 10, a hand saw and a pencil sharpener. so much fun. i’ve started knitting a top on them with my lichen yarn, but i’m kind of making it up as i go along, so it remains to be seen whether it will be good.

knitting knitting knitting. stitch & bitch tomorrow night!

nike blanket petition

last night i knitted a square for the nike blanket petition organised by microrevolt. they want people to knit or crochet a 4 x 4 inch square (any style) to add to a blanket that will be presented to nike, to show support for fair labour policies. the website has photos of the petition “signatures” so far: such a great diverse range of stitches and colours and patterns. here’s what i made:

petition against sweatshops

the technical details: it’s 100% acrylic, leftover “craft spun”. &, it’s double sided stocking stitch/ a tube knitted on two needles. there’s some discussion about this technique on craftster. basically you cast on an even number of stitches, then knit one, bring the yarn forward between the needles, slip the next stitch as if to purl, then bring the yarn to the back between the needles. effectively you’re knitting every second stitch on one row, then every other stitch on the next. here’s what it looks like when you slip it off the needles:

the inside of a tube

it’s a pretty fancy trick.

i’m going to be so well accessorised this winter

i made a new hat. it’s uneven brown stripes, and reminds me of soy hot chocolate. it’s my favourite hat ever, until i make a better one. here:

brown stripey hat

i knitted it from the top down on my favourite bright yellow set of double pointed needles, which was fun because i could transfer it onto stitch holders at the points where i wanted it to fit, to make sure it was the right size.

i’ll definitely be making more of these (and, playing around with different shapes and stuff). yay for hats!

check out knitcast if you haven’t already – it’s a podcast about knitting! there are two so far, both interesting interviews with knitters.

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