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i’m going to be so well accessorised this winter

i made a new hat. it’s uneven brown stripes, and reminds me of soy hot chocolate. it’s my favourite hat ever, until i make a better one. here:

brown stripey hat

i knitted it from the top down on my favourite bright yellow set of double pointed needles, which was fun because i could transfer it onto stitch holders at the points where i wanted it to fit, to make sure it was the right size.

i’ll definitely be making more of these (and, playing around with different shapes and stuff). yay for hats!

check out knitcast if you haven’t already – it’s a podcast about knitting! there are two so far, both interesting interviews with knitters.

& if you want to keep up with this blog and have a livejournal, you can now add a syndication of fakesheep to your friends list. thanks lhizz!


  MJ wrote @

Great hat! I’ve never made one from the top down before, but that makes a lot of sense! I’m going to try that next time…xo MJ

  moira wrote @

thanks! knitting it downwards did make a lot of sense, there was basically no way it could have turned out the wrong size.

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