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fibonacci striped hat

j kept trying to steal my brown hat, so i made him one of his own:

james wears his fibonacci hat

the stripes follow the fibonacci sequence!

i’m going through a bit of a hat phase at the moment. i’ve started making the bunny hat from stitch ‘n bitch nation, and i have a few other ideas for hats made out of some of the random yarn i have acquired. also, here are some amazing crocheted hats: ana voog!

i picked up a few more balls of random yarn today from masco’s in the downtown shopping centre. they have a pretty good range of yarn, but not much that’s both non-animal and fancy. there’s a really big range of local 100% wool, possum blends, fancy alpaca and things, and there’s a fair amount of plainish acrylic and synthetics, and lots of eyelash/ fake fur type novelty stuff, as well as a few ribbon yarns. i picked up a ball of denim-style cotton, which was the only interesting plant fibre yarn i could find. i might end up buying more for cleo from knitty if i can make it fit the gauge. i also bought a couple of balls of crazy multicoloured acrylic, and a ball of patons “tufty” which is a weirdly appealing mixture of rope-ish yarn and soft fringe. in any case, it was cool to finally visit a proper local yarn shop, even if most of the yarn wasn’t suitable for me.

i’m thinking of starting the “lucky” cardigan from stitch n’ bitch nation. i haven’t done lace before, or anything as big as a cardigan, but it’s CUTE, and i discovered that some cotton i bought from trademe appears to be just the right weight, and i have about exactly the right amount of it. there’s a knitalong on the craftster board for this pattern, too, so at least i will have some people to ask questions of if i can’t figure it out.

also last week, i made a set of double pointed knitting needles from a dowel i bought from mitre 10, a hand saw and a pencil sharpener. so much fun. i’ve started knitting a top on them with my lichen yarn, but i’m kind of making it up as i go along, so it remains to be seen whether it will be good.

knitting knitting knitting. stitch & bitch tomorrow night!


  MJ wrote @

Beautiful hats! I love the one on J and the brown one makes me want a big mug of hot chocolate. Seeing the T shirt on your friend made me jealous, but it’s starting to get Spring-like and warm around here at last! xo MJ

  atouria wrote @

Hi there! I just happened to find your blog while I was searching for other vegan knitters! I can’t completely classify myself as vegan just yet, but I’m working closer toward it everyday! I checked out your link to soy silk from SW trading company and couldn’t find out how to order it. I was considering their bamboo yarn. Have you tried it?

Come visit sometime!


  moira wrote @

thanks MJ! i love how quick hats are, and how little yarn they need. i have vague plans for all sorts of hats made from the random single balls of yarn i’ve acquired.

& hi atouria! thanks for commenting. i checked out your blog – it’s good to read other people’s thoughts about vegan knitting. you might be interested to read my other blog/site about vegan stuff: nutmeg.gen.nz/veggie – i haven’t updated in a while. i also maintain a page of vegan-related links: http://www.moonrocket.co.nz/links/veganism.html

i haven’t tried any of southwest trading company’s yarns yet, but i’m especially coveting the bamboo, it looks amazing. alchemy yarns also make a gorgeous-looking bamboo yarn: http://www.alchemyyarns.com

i think you have to find a local (or online) retailer who sells SWTC yarns, i don’t think you can order through the website unless you’re buying wholesale quantities. if you clock on “local shops” on their website, it has a world map which shows where you can buy it from.

  James wrote @

Heh. In Auckland we wear t-shirts all year round. In winter I just wear a hoody over the top 🙂

  kitten wrote @

Possum fiber yarn??? That doesn’t sound too great.

  moira wrote @

i don’t think you can get 100% possum fur, i think it’s all possum/wool blends. i think the possum fur is maybe a bit like mohair? it’s apparently really warm and soft. but yeah, i won’t be knitting with it.

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