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bunny hat!

i made another hat! this one is baby-sized, and is for a soon-to-be-born niece. here it is, ably modelled by a bottle of grapeseed oil (hmm, i guess this means the geodesic hat i knitted a while ago is baby-sized too):

bunny hat

it’s the bunny hat from stitch n bitch nation, except that i didn’t embroider a face on it, and i attached the ears differently, and i used super-cheap yarn. i liked the hat shape without the ears, and might end up knitting other versions of it. i learnt how to knit i-cord for this pattern, which was a lot easier than i’d thought it would be.

here are some photos of other baby hats made by jennifer small, who designed this hat. so cute! i love her version of the bunny hat with little knitted vegetables attached.

the next thing i want to try from this book is the “lucky” cardigan. i might try knitting a gauge swatch this week.



  miranda wrote @

I love the hat! It’s adorable.

  James wrote @

Did you see the pirate jumper? Wow.

  moira wrote @

james: yes! amazing. i was thinking it would be easy to do a black version of the bunny hat (without ears) with a skull & crossbones on the front. or any picture, really.

miranda: thanks! it was fun to knit.

  Jen Small wrote @

Woo! it looks great. and thanks for linking to my pix!

  Missy wrote @

Great hat! Your niece will look adorable in it.

  moira wrote @

thanks jen and missy!

  Atouria wrote @

I’m loving that hat! I hope you’re able to get a pic of your neice in it; I bet she’s precious!

  Jussi wrote @

that is so cute!!

have you tried “Knit and Save” in Henderson? they have some good sales…and they have mail order.
thinking thinking of where else to get plant fibre yarn in NZ…will pop back if I remember

  moira wrote @

thanks atouria and jussi!

jussi, i hadn’t heard of “knit and save”, i’ll check it out when i’m next out that way.

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