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a hundred hats

i’ve been knitting a lot of hats lately. they’re all based on the same “pattern” (which maybe i’ll type up properly if anyone’s interested?), with a few little variations. i think next time i knit a hat, i’ll try something different.

thomas' and kirsty's hats

(click on the photo for pictures of the other hats i’ve made) these two are for my sister (green and brown) and my nephew (red and blue). i knitted thomas’ hat in one night! i just hope it’s the right size, i just sort of visualised how big his head was last time i saw him, and guessed how many stitches that might be.

a couple of weeks ago, i bought myself some more books from fishpond: stitch ‘n bitch: the knitter’s handbook, scarf style & the urban knitter! i think that’s enough buying new books for a while, but they were all worth it.

stitch ‘n bitch will be a really useful basic reference i think, and there are still techniques in it that i haven’t tried yet. its descriptions of cables made them sound really non-intimidating. i might have a go at something cabled soon. &, cute things to knit!

i’d been wanting scarf style after reading the description on the interweave press website & seeing people’s finished scarves on the scarf style knitalong blog. wow. i really want to make “lady eleanor” and the turtleneck shrug, & the “here and there” cable scarf makes me want to learn how to do cables, but there are so many gorgeous & interesting patterns in this book, as well as ideas for making your own scarf pattern. everyone’s knitting “ruffles” from this book, but it kind of looks intestinal to me, i’m not sure about it.

& the urban knitter looks like it will teach me things about designing patterns. all the patterns seem to have interesting little tricks involved. i’ve started knitting the “apron-front halter top” with that yellow ribbon yarn i bought a while ago, and it’s been really fun. it’s knitted side-to-side, and knits up really quickly on bigger needles than i’m used to. it’s only delayed because i think it’s going to be too big, and i’m probably going to have to rip back a few rows, & i’ve been putting it off. also, it looks like i might have not quite enough yarn (though i might be okay, depending on how much smaller i make it). here is progress so far:

view of the whole top, on the needles

close-up of stitches

i also started swatching for the “lucky” cardigan from stitch ‘n bitch nation, with some panda cotton i bought from trademe.

messy swatch

it took me a few tries and some message board reading to figure out the lace pattern, but i got there in the end. the problem i have now is that i can get gauge with this yarn on a particular size of needles, but the stitches look loose and floppy and the lace pattern doesn’t stand out. if i go down a needle size, the lace pattern looks good, but i get more stitches per inch. i could just change the pattern accordingly, but then i’d end up using more balls of yarn than the pattern calls for, and i probably wouldn’t have enough. so i’m still thinking about what to do – maybe a short sleeved version? or a sleeveless top with the same lace pattern? or i could just put this one aside and buy some suitable cotton when i can find it, but i’d prefer to use what i have. we’ll see.

i’m sure i had other things to post about. i’ll try to update again soon. oh! the new issue of knitty is up! so many pretty things to make.



  atouria wrote @

Congrats on all the new books and WIPs! I LOVE getting new books. 🙂 The urban knitter sound like something I would enjoy. I’ll have to check it out.
You are a hat fiend! I wish I looked good in hats; they’re so much fun to knit! Yours are looking really cool.

Maybe if you just did the lucky cardi as a regular sweater, would you have enough yarn? I’m sure the fact that it’s a wrap takes up a considerable amount of extra yardage. How do you like the panda cotton?

  MJ wrote @

Lovely work! I’m with you on the cables – haven’t tried them yet, but getting ever nearer to doing so. And yes, a hat pattern, please, if you have the time! xo MJ

  Donna wrote @

Your site is great. I love the idea of getting down in print the things you want to knit. I’ve been trying to do the same myself and better start knitting a whole lot faster 🙂 I read something on another site that mentioned vegan knitting and didn’t know what it was about. I googled the term and found you as the first site listed. Thanks for the terrific explanation!

  Missy wrote @

Looks like you have a lot of great projects on the go! That Lucky cardigan is a great pattern. Are your hats a pattern that you created? I like how they spiral… how are they made?

  moira wrote @

thanks atouria! i’ve actually made a couple more hats since i posted, i’ll upload more photos soon. & i’ve promised hats to two of my nieces! but i don’t actually have a hat on the needles at the moment, i’m working on a pair of fingerless gloves. i can’t imagine the lucky cardy as a sweater, because it’s kind of delicate and lacy. but i think some kind of short/no sleeved top with the same lace pattern would be cute. the panda cotton seems pretty nice. it’s a lot finer (in thickness) than what i’m used to working with, but it seemed nice. i’ve only knitted that little swatch with it so far, though.

MJ, thanks! & i’ll definitely post about cabling adventures if and when they happen! & i will figure out a hat pattern soon.

and thanks donna! i’m glad you like the site.

& missy, yep, i made up the pattern for the hats. they’re knit from the top down so can be pretty much made with any yarn on any needles, & you just stop doing the inscreases when it gets to the right size. i will write down the pattern soon. & the lucky cardigan is really pretty, i might try and figure out if i have enough yarn for a short sleeved version or something.

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