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more hats

i’m a bit behind with posting here, and i have a big list of things i want to write about. so, here are some hats i’ve finished recently, and i’ll post more updates soon (including banana yarn pictures!)

three of my nieces came to visit a couple of weekends ago, and jess ended up claiming the rainbow hat i made a while ago, so in the interests of fairness i asked paige & amy if they wanted one too, and what colours. amy (who told me once that her favourite colours are pink, purple, indigo and “all the colours”) said purple and blue and brown. paige said “purple and red and blue and yellow and orange”. then a few minutes later, as she was leaving, she said, “can i add light blue and green?” all those colours and no pink! awesome.

anyway, here are the resulting hats:

two stripey hats

the hat i made thomas ended up the right size, but a bit shorter than i’d meant it to be:

thomas and laura wearing their nearly-matching hats

more soon! including a pattern for these hats.



  Vegan Momma wrote @

Oh I love those hats. The colors are gorgeous!

  moira wrote @

thanks! the colours for the top two hats were based on suggestions by the nieces i knitted them for. i was amazed the right one looks as good as it does 🙂 so many colours!

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