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banana silk yarn

as promised, some banana yarn pictures:

banana silk yarn

banana silk yarn

banana silk yarn

banana silk yarn

banana silk yarn

it’s quite bulky, and is shinier than i expected, and kind of shaggy. it came in hanks, and i wound them into these balls.

i’ve swatched a little bit to see what this looks like knitted, but i haven’t figured out what to make yet.

i got this from yarn traders in nelson, who post worldwide and accept credit cards (as well as cheques and direct bank deposits if you’re in new zealand). they’ve also just started stocking bamboo yarn and soy silk from south west trading company, so i expect i’ll be ordering from them again very soon.

you can also get banana silk from town and country llamas on ebay, and sue from yarnxpress commented on my last post to say that they’ll be stocking it soon, too.


  lhizz wrote @

Argh! You’re an evil woman for telling me about Yarn Traders – their yarns are *gorgeous* and I want them all. The yardages are pretty good too (ie. 1 hank would make one of my hats) except for the banana silk, although that might be good for trims and such.

  moira wrote @

heh. i want lots of them too! i am especially coveting the bamboo yarn, i really want to make the “ballerina” top (the pattern comes free with the yarn). but also soy silk – the idea of knitting with tofu leftovers is very appealing.

  Nana Jan wrote @

Hi, I am new to knitting blogs and blogs in general. I found yours through Al at http://www.domestically challenged.typepad.com
I am glad to know you also use wool alternatives. I am allergic to wool but also have been affected by the Australian practice of “mulesing”. If you or others want to know more about it check out the PETA website.

  Susanne wrote @

Yay! Thanks for telling us about it, I just ordered some! 🙂
Please post a photo of your swatch for us!

  Michelle wrote @

Hi, my name is Michelle, and I’m vegan and I knit. I just received the banana yarn from town and country llamas, and it is beautiful! I’m not going to start making anyting with it yet because I’m making a stole or shawl or wrap (not sure yet!) out of southwest bamboo! It’s lovely! Anyway, I’ve been meaning to write to say thanks for keeping this blog — it’s the first I found when I started to learn (just a month and a half ago), and it immediately got me excited about it.

  atouria wrote @

I’m so glad you posted the pics of the yarn! I can’t wait to hear how your swatching is going. I love the ballerina top from SWTC, too. My LYS is supposed to give me the pattern one day or another. I’m not rushing her because I’m still working on my cabled top in bamboo. It’s turning out lovely!

  kelly McGittigan wrote @

Does anyone know how to spin banana leaves into yarn? Is it a certain type of banana tree?

  moira wrote @

kelly, it’s actually a relative of the banana plant called abaca (musa textilis or “manila hemp”). there’s a bit about how this yarn is produced here:


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