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hat post!

remember the soy hot chocolate hat i knitted a while ago? it served me well this winter, until i lost it, somewhere between buying a bus pass and getting to work one drizzly auckland morning. i felt really grumpy with myself for losing my hat, and it took me a couple of months to forgive myself and knit another one:

my new hat

my new hat, from the top

i haven’t actually worn this one much, as the weather’s been pretty warm lately.

also, i made leftover yarn into another hat for james, which he’s been wearing all the time (including right now)

ribbed hat

i updated my completed projects page with some details of these hats – i have a couple more projects to photograph and write about, but that page is nearly up to date now.



  robyn wrote @

hi there
i absolutely love the blue and brown stripped hat, and although it’s coming into summer i have been thinking a lot about knitting and as op shops don’t have quite the same amount of cute woolly hats, making my own. i would love to get the pattern if that is the done thing. (knitting etiquete?)
i knitted 2 jerseys years ago when i was a kid (mum helped me) and a giant peggy square blanket about 2 years ago. but now it’s time to tackle something else.
would love to hear from you
robyn (chch, nz)

  Evelyn Lange wrote @

Thanks for your website. I have become interested in knitting, etc. and did not want to use animal products. Your website is great. I look forward to your book and would like to order when it is ready.
Thanks again.
Evelyn Lange
Palmdale, California

  Evelyn wrote @

Maybe one day someone will have a one-stop shopping website that sells only animal free yarns, etc. It took me a while to find your site. Thanks for organizing the information so well. Many people don’t realize the harm that comes to animals – but if a website like yours is informative and gives the facts and alternatives, that’s the best part of educating the public. Often, many websites don’t give names of companies that sell the animal free products so I often did not know what to look for such as soy and banana yarns, nor would I have known from where to order. Your site is great. Thanks again.

  moira wrote @

hi evelyn! i’m glad you found my site useful. thanks for commenting. i don’t have plans to write a book (yet?) but will definitely write about it on my blog if i do!

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