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banana shrug

i finally figured out what to do with one of the skeins of banana yarn i bought a while ago – glampyre’s one skein wonder!

i started knitting yesterday afternoon, and finished off the edging this morning. it was really quick and easy to knit, and i’ll definitely be using this pattern again – it’s really easy to adjust for different yarns, or to add sleeves, or whatever. there are lots of pictures of finished one skein wonders on this craftster thread. &, here’s mine (click for more pictures):

one skein wonder

the banana silk was fun to knit with – really soft and drapey, and an interesting texture. its lack of stretch meant that some of the increases and things required a bit of wrestling, but overall i really liked it. i’m thinking about what to do with the skein of red that i bought at the same time. one day, i’d like to knit a whole top out of banana silk.

a while ago, i started knitting both banana skeins as a garter stitch stripey rectangle, mostly just to see how it knitted up. i’ve ripped it out now, but here’s what it looked like:

closeup of banana silk scarf

banana silk stitches


  Michelle wrote @

Excellent! I’ve got a few of those skeins around too, though I haven’t tried to do anything yet. What size needles did you use? Did you have trouble getting gauge with the banana yarn? I’ve got some red skeins, but I think I’d like to use this for my pink/purple skein!

  moira wrote @

i almost followed the pattern exactly – i got the right gauge (4 sts/ inch) with the right needles (5mm circulars, though you could knit the body part with flat needles if you wanted to because it’s not actually knit in the round). for the edging, you switch onto smaller needles, and i think i used 3.75mm rather than the 3.5mm that the pattern called for, just because that’s what i had.

i know that my skein of black is more even and slightly thinner than my skein of red, so yours might not be exactly the same weight as mine. but, it’s pretty basic maths to change the gauge on this pattern – let me know if you need help with it.

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