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i’m a bit distractable this morning, and i thought posting here might help empty some stuff out of my brain. so, here are some recent knitting-related things:

  • apparently knitting needles are allowed on planes in new zealand again! this is cool, even though flights within new zealand aren’t particularly long anyway, & you’d still have to put your knitting in your checked luggage if you were flying internationally. i might be going to wellington again next month for work, & if so i think i will knit something in-flight, just because i can.
  • knitcast, the podcast about knitting, continues to be good. i haven’t actually listened to the most recent episode, but the recent interview with amy “knitty” singer was interesting.
  • yarn magazine is a new (online and print) knitting magazine. it’s based in australia, so its seasonal biases are more relevant to me than most other knitting publications. unfortunately, i didn’t find any of the patterns or articles in the first issue particularly interesting, but i’ll be keeping an eye on future issues.
  • speaking of online knitting magazines, i wonder what happened to spun? its next issue was meant to come out in mid-august…
  • and, the september issue of magknits is up. i’m not usually a fan of magknits (not that i actively dislike it, i’m just not usually interested in the patterns), but i’m considering knitting vegetables. it’s weird, i was thinking about the design of my blog the other day, and was seriously considering knitting some vegetables (i was thinking broccoli) to use on the page about vegan knitting! i was actually considering properly learning crochet for the sole purpose of making crocheted broccoli, because i suspected it would be easier than knitting it. i still might, because i don’t really like the magknits broccoli pattern, but i think the tomato is great. the pigtail hat pattern in this issue is also pretty cute.
  • & speaking of vegan knitters, i finally got round to joining the vegan knitters webring! hi vegan knitters!

& here is some yarn i’ve bought recently:

nettle yarn
yarn traders had a limited amount of nettle yarn from nepal, and i bought a huge blue skein of it. this took some untwisting, but it’s now in balls, waiting to be knitted into something. i have enough for a short-sleeved top, i think, but it’s a bit scratchy so it might be better as an over-garment or not a garment at all. i love how this looks, and i’m excited to knit with it. i’ll post more photos soon of the little swatch i’ve knitted with it, and how it looks in balls.

hemp twine
i bought a couple of balls of handspun hemp twine from trade aid – it’s twine rather than yarn, and so is thick and tough rather than soft, but i’m going to knit with it anyway (maybe a bag or something?) the colours are amazing – this deep indigo blue and a really pretty green.

soy silk yarn
i already mentioned that i bought a ball of soy silk oasis, but this is a better picture of it. i’ve been taking photos of my yarn because i’m working on a page about vegan yarns with information and links about different plant & synthetic fibres. i’ve almost finished a basic version of it, so i’ll link to it soon.

that’s all for now, but i seem to be going through another knitting-obsessed phase lately, so expect more posts soon.



  JenniferShmoo wrote @

Hi, Moira! Thanks for letting me know about your vegan knitting blog. I can’t wait to see your page about non-animal yarns — so helpful for people like me who don’t know anything but wool. The vegan yarns you show here are surprisingly lovely. I’ll have to try the bamboo yarn you recommend. Thanks again!!

  moira wrote @

hi jen! i actually just posted the page about non-animal yarns. there are a whole lot of beautiful vegan yarns that i’d love to try – lately i’m especially coveting the alchemy bamboo & pakucho organic cotton. and shoshensi linen paper. and nearly everything i have listed on that page, actually 😉

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