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as promised, here is a page about vegan yarns! i’ll definitely be adding to it over time, & meanwhile some of it’s pretty basic, but i hope this version is helpful or interesting.

as i was making notes about petroleum-based synthetic yarns, it developed into a bit of a rant about environmental objections to synthetics – it’s a complex issue that i’ve been thinking about for a while, and i probably have more to write about it. i’d appreciate any feedback you have.

& while i’m posting, here’s another gratuitous picture of beautiful yarn:

casablanca yarn

this is the skein of casablanca recycled rayon/ cotton yarn i bought a while ago, all balled up and ready to knit.



  Anna wrote @

My only addition to your comments on petroleum-based yarns is that they are made of byproducts from the oil industry, so if you use a car or anything that uses oil etc the yarn is using up what’s left over, I think it’s better than it being dumped…

I don’t even want to get into the damage that sheep and wool do to the environment, do people think that the wool comes off the sheep in nice clean bright colours or even realise how many chemicals are involved in dying their yarn?

I’ve just deleted a big sheep rant there! lol Preaching to the converted, your yarn page looks fab!

  Michelle wrote @

Yes! Something I’ve always meant to do (I have a list of yarns on my page, but not as comprehensive) but never got around to finishing — excellent! It’s a really comprehensive and great page!

Oh, I have a roll shoshenshi paper and a roll of “pineapple yarn” that I got at habu! The pineapple is very thin and I have no idea what I’ll do with it, yet.

  JenniferShmoo wrote @

What an excellent page! You have just introduced me to so many yarns that I didn’t know existed. Thank you so much for all your hard work!

  moira wrote @

thanks you guys!

anna, i was thinking about that too, but didn’t feel like i knew enough about the industrial processes involved to write about it intelligently yet – i’ve been reading about it though (but it’s true, it’s not like oil is being drilled specifically for acrylic yarn!) & yes, it often seems like people think that “natural fibre” = environmentally friendly and “synthetic fibre” = polluting & it’s definitely not that simple.

michelle, i’m jealous! the pictures i’ve seen of habu’s yarns look amazing. do you have enough pineapple yarn to make this cardigan?

jennifer, you’re welcome!

  Abi wrote @

It’s great to see you’re posting more frequently now with so much interesting information and great knittering. I am not vegan but I am a no-car-organic-fair-trade-environmentalist type. I have found it hard to find yarns to fit me – like you say wool isn’t naturally white and how about the dyeing process? what damage does that cause? But the more I look, the more I find e.g. Inca cloud alpaca (fair trade), SWTC Bamboo (eco-ish), recycled silk etc etc etc. I’m still trying to think around the ethics of buying yarn from large companies. Keep up the great site and I’ll keep buying yarn.

  Alana wrote @

Wow!! I have been looking for other vegan knitters who blog. I heard about your site through Jennifer’s blog (schmooblog) Thank you so much for putting all this info together. I am new to vegan knitting (and somewhat new to vegan eating). I am so glad to know I’m not the only one.

  jen wrote @

thanks so much for this, it’s wonderful! i’m linking to it from my blog.

  moira wrote @

thanks abi! i’m definitely thinking about environmental issues & corporate-globalisation issues with yarn along with the vegan issues. i guess i’m getting around a lot of this with my knitting by buying a lot of second-hand yarn (i.e., old yarn from other people’s stashes, from online auctions mostly) – so reusing stuff that would otherwise have been clutter or waste, and supporting individuals rather than corporations. but i covet new yarn, so i’m excited to learn about yarns that are more sustainable/ ethical/ friendly.

hi alana! did you find the vegan knitters webring? (there’s a link in the sidebar of my blog) – there are a few of us! there are actually quite a few other vegan knitters who come to the stitch & bitch group i go to, we’re not so rare.

jen, thanks for the link! i’m glad you like it.

  Mardi wrote @

Hi, I’ve just started knitting and crochet, so not much to say other than I’m so excited to be a vegan knitter/crocheter. Thanks for your inspiring blog.

  Alexandra wrote @

Nice site, will use some of your ideas if thats ok with my kindgarden children, we are making our own natural dye from beetroot and flax, we will knit some samples with this.

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