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i’ve kind of been between knitting projects since i finished the ballerina top – i haven’t wanted to buy new yarn, but no patterns seemed to exactly match anything i already had. i’ve just been knitting swatches of different yarns to see what they look like knitted. & eventually, i started knitting this:

a tube of 2x2 ribbing

it’s a belly-sized tube of 2×2 ribbing, and it will eventually turn into some kind of jumper. the more rows i knit, the more i think it will be cathode-ish, with a bulkier, more colourful yarn in the middle (probably the lichen acrylic i used for these booties). we’ll see. for now, the ribbing pattern on a circular needle is nice, easy knitting.


  Michelle wrote @

I didn’t remember what cathode was, but when I followed the link I remembered — I love cathode! I think the combination of that color and the lichen bootie color will look really nice, if that’s what you decide to do.

  moira wrote @

i love cathode too! i have been thinking about it for ages, though most of the finished versions i’ve seen of it don’t look as cute as the original on knitty. i think this top i’m knitting won’t have the same huge neckline, but will probably have something else interesting going on in that area.

i started on the “lichen” bit last night, & i like how it looks so far.

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