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so, in my last entry i wrote that i wouldn’t be buying any more yarn until we’d finished moving house. well, i haven’t bought any more yarn since then, but yarn has arrived in my p o box that was bought online in the previous couple of weeks.

first, from trade me:

new yarns - pink cotton/ viscose and green-grey acrylic

i got lots of each of these yarns. the pink is schachenmayr nomotta capriosa – a 73% cotton/ 14% viscose/ 8% acrylic/ 5% polyamide blend. the shiny bits are a bit shinier than i was expecting, but i still like it. i’ll have to see what it knits up like, but i’m imagining making some kind of cardigan. a close-up:

capriosa yarn

the green/grey and white is sirdar “hawaii” chunky in “smoke signal” – it’s 50% nylon/ 50% acrylic. i’m not sure what it will be yet.

also this week, i got yarn from the black stitch!

mutiny! yarn

this is handpainted egyptian cotton in mutiny!. i rolled it into balls this afternoon in between packing boxes:

mutiny yarn in balls

and started knitting a little swatch to see what it looks like knitted:

mutiny yarn, stitched up

i think this wants to be something with 3/4 length sleeves. & pretty much all my other yarn is packed, so if i knit anything this week, it will be with this!


  Michelle wrote @

Great stuff! I have never heard of the black stitch, and I’d love to buy some of that stuff — now (though I’ve said I’m not going to buy for awhile so we’ll see how much longer I’ll hold out). Oh boy.

  moira wrote @

yeah, it’s pretty nice! the cotton is really soft and i love the colours. (not trying to tempt you or anything, heh…)

  miranda wrote @

beautiful yarn!!

  moira wrote @

hi miranda! i love the yarn too. i’ve been realising as i’ve been packing up my house that i have too much pretty yarn, but i don’t feel as bad about it now that i’ve started knitting garment-sized things, and have confidence that i can make stuff out of it.

  Mary Jessica wrote @

I LOVE the Black Stitch! I ordered some lovely yarn from them that I really need to post on my blog…xoxo MJ

  Natalie wrote @

Yeah, that TradeMe’s a dangerous site, isn’t it? It’s already forced me to buy a lot of yarn, loads of vintage crochet and knit books, plus a spindle… I don’t think my bank balance can hack anymore 😉

Must go check out Black Stitch now… Oops

Great blog btw!

  moira wrote @

mj, i think i originally found the black stitch through your blog. so, thanks!

natalie – i have been eyeing up those spindles on trademe too! i have bought way too much yarn from that site, though i’m starting to be more selective as i realise that colours aren’t always as they appear on screen, and stuff.

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