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a book about knitting with plants

i forgot to mention earlier: amy knitty is working on a new book about knitting without wool or other animal fibres (except for silk, which isn’t considered an animal fibre for the book…)

she is looking for patterns at the moment – if you’re interested in submitting, check it out.


  JenniferShmoo wrote @

Cool! So, considering the fact that silk is included, is this geared more towards people with allergies to animal fibers rather than vegans per se? Still, I’ll be getting it when it comes out!

  moira wrote @

amy wrote a bit about her reasoning in the blog entry i linked to (”check it out”, above). she’s allergic to wool/ wool-like fibres so i guess that’s a big part of it, but there’s also the technical ‘fibre arts’-ey angle – exploring how fibre other than wool-type-stuff behaves & the best ways to knit with it.

i’m definitely excited about it & thinking about maybe submitting a pattern.

  JenniferShmoo wrote @

Sorry, I clicked on the first link not the second. Got it now. I’m looking forward to the book when it comes out!

  chris mcclarren wrote @

I think it is horrendous that silk is to be included in her book when there are such horrors with its production. Don’t insects count to vegans? There are folks that wildcraft silk without kiling or torturing the insect in its cocoon, contribute to overconsumption and destruction of the earth with factory production of it, and don’t destroy fragile ecosystems which silk production does.

  moira wrote @

chris – yes, absolutely, insects count to vegans and i don’t support commercial silk production at all. i have also heard ambiguous things about some types of silk that are being marketed as vegetarian-friendly & am suspicious of their production methods.

on the other hand, this book is not vegan and is not advertising itself as such. the author is allergic to wool, and wants to make a book about alternative fibres – mostly from plants – which people like her will not be allergic to. i think that’s a positive thing because 1) there needs to be more information around about knitting with plants, and given the quality of knitty.com i anticipate this book having some good content and patterns & 2) she has such a high profile that this most likely will encourage lots of wool-knitters to buy the book & try knitting with other fibres for a change. maybe this will encourage more people to design patterns with plant fibres, maybe it will encourage yarn companies to make more plant fibre yarns, maybe soy silk will be the new lorna’s laces or whatever. i think that having lots of people think about new ways of knitting with plants is a positive thing.

i find the inclusion of silk in this book really weird and unnecessary, but the book is about the author’s preferences, not about veganism or environmental sustainability or any of the reasons other people might avoid wool. & i think unless the book ends up focussing disproportionately on silk, it will be a good resource.

thanks for your email by the way – will try to reply soon.

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