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it’s amazing how much my creative productivity increases when i should be doing other things. we’re probably about 65% through packing the house, but in breaks between thinking about the best ways of putting things in boxes, i’ve started this:

mutineer singlet

i did some more gauge swatching and practice stitch patterns with the mutiny! yarn yesterday:

mutinous stitches

and came to the conclusion that this yarn actually wants to be a sleeveless top rather than a cardigan (which is just as well, because based on how much i’ve knitted so far, i think i have exactly enough for something singlety. of course, now i’m tempted to buy the rest of this yarn to make a matching sleeve-thing.) so, i cast on and knit a moss stitch border and some straight stockinette, and i’m about to start on waist shaping!

okay, i’d better go and pack some more now.



  JenniferShmoo wrote @

I love the way the colors and texture pop out in moss stitch. Lovely!

  moira wrote @

thanks jennifer! i really like the colours of this yarn too – i’m not usually a huge fan of pink, but i like this stuff.

  HibiscuitsGirl wrote @

I can’t believe my yarn made it to New Zealand before me!

It’s looking pretty! I can’t wait to see what you turn it into. Send me a pic when your done and I’ll start some kind of gallery or something for Black Stitchers.

  Mavis wrote @

Ohhh, that is very, very pretty, your new pink Mutiny! project. I’ll be anxious to see how it progresses. Good work!

  jen wrote @

well, i am a huge fan of pink and fell instantly in love with the mutineer so i just went to black stitch and bought the rest of it before i even finished reading your post.

…and then i read that you might want more for your sleeves! i’m sorry moira, if you want more, i’ll have her send it to you instead.

  atouria wrote @

I’m loving your stitch patterns with that yarn. It looks really cool. 🙂

  moira wrote @

belatedly… thanks everyone! jen, don’t worry about it! have fun knitting it, it’s really nice to work with.

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