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new house!

mutineer cotton singlet

hi! we’re moved, and i’m finished knitting my mutiny singlet, and i have my internet connection back, finally. i can’t send emails at the moment, but have nearly caught up with reading them. i’ll post more soon.



  HibiscuitsGirl wrote @

I don’t think it would be possible for me to love the color of that wall more than I do. It’s absolutely fabulous.

Can we get a better pic of the singlet? It looks adorable, and I’d love to get a better look!

  moira wrote @

i will post more pictures soon! i took a whole lot yesterday, but by the time i’d sorted myself out it was bedtime.

i like the wall too! i think the other walls around it shouldn’t be white, but i’m still thinking about what colour they should be.

  r wrote @

the wall is grand! Lucky you_nice house! Love the couch against it too. What
about ivory or gray for the other walls?

PS I want to start knitting. What’s the best way to start (I’m a little overwhelmed with all the books, blogs, yarn choices,etc). I want to go (mostly) vegan, only using recycled animal fibers.

  Sarah wrote @

I like your ipod sleeve, especially the flap. My nephew suggested I make him a knit ipod cover when I saw him this weekend. Do you have a pattern? Or a little advice? I don’t even have an ipod to refer to. I know, dark ages… 😉

Many thanks.

  atouria wrote @

I love the new house! That plum color is gorgeous! I agree that a grey or ivory would look great on the opposing walls. Take your time settling in and enjoy it!

  Michelle wrote @

How is everything with your house???? How are you doing??

  atouria wrote @

Thanks so much for the well wishes on my blog!

  terri wrote @

Love your website! Stumbled across looking for vegan yarn info. We are all vegan in my family, and my daughter and I are really getting into knitting and feeling a little lonely with all the animal yarn lovers surrounding us. Your site just gave me a shot of encouragement! Thanks! Terri – Seattle, WA, USA

  moira wrote @

some overdue replies:

r – thanks! the more i live here, the more i like the lounge walls, but i do like the idea of ivory/ something slightly less white for the non-purple walls. we will definitely have to repaint the bedrooms, though. the people who owned the house before us had two children, so one of the bedrooms is green and blue with racing cars on the walls, and the other is two preteen-friendly shades of purple. our own bedroom has a pretty yuck lilac feature wall. we probably won’t get round to repainting for a while – lately we have been concentrating on the garden (a much cheaper place to start!).

the best way to start knitting… my suggestion would be to get some pretty basic needles and yarn (nothing too textured) and try to find someone to teach you a few basics (how to cast on and do the knit stitch to start with). then practise lots, just knitting – don’t expect to be perfect or to make a functional object right off and don’t be afraid to unravel & start again, but if you want to aim towards something, a scarf is always an easy first project. once you’re feeling confident about plain old knitting, you can branch out into purling, increasing, decreasing, etc – either get your person to show you or google, or get a book out from the library. it probably doesn’t matter which one just for learning the basics. hope this is in some way helpful…

sarah, i don’t have a pattern, but might write one up. you’d need to find out what type of ipod he has and the dimensions (which might be on the apple website?) – there have been quite a range of ipod sizes. the cozies i made are pretty simple, just rectangles of garter stitch with little intarsia stockinette shapes. they have buttonholes in the top so that you can plug in headphones when the cozy is closed, and the front flap is doubled over into a pocket which you can store headphones in. you wouldn’t want to use super-scratchy yarn as ipods notoriously scratch easily. i might be knitting a smaller one soon for a friend, & if so i’ll try to write down the pattern.

& thanks atouria & michelle! the house is awesome, and it’s so nice to have our own place. we’ve been doing heaps of work in the garden & there are still boxes full of stuff, but we’re slowly getting organised.

terri, i’m glad you like my website! good luck with your vegan knitting adventures.

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