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yarn lust

hey, check it out: kpixie has a yarn called “vegan”! it’s recycled cotton and rayon sari fibre, and sounds the same as the “casablanca” yarn i bought a while ago from yarn traders (which is also labelled as ’suitable for vegans’). it’s cool that vegan knitting concerns have a high enough profile that products are being marketed as such.

i’ve never bought anything from kpixie (because of international postage costs; any other new zealanders want to split an order with me sometime?), but have long enjoyed browsing their website for its sexy stock pictures and amazing selection. some current vegan favourites:

  • shoshenshi linen paper by habu textiles. DROOL. paper and yarn at the same time? wow. i want to make a book out of this stuff.
  • they’re now stocking insubordiknit yarns! at the moment, shining in the dark and i am soy look appealing. i’m actually waiting for an insubordiknit package of my own – jacey posted it quite a while ago, but i guess it’s held up with christmas mail.
  • bamboo! yes, i’ve seen, and knitted with, swtc’s bamboo before, but kpixie has colours that aren’t stocked by my local dealer. black, brown, drake, fiery red, esquire. mmmm. i’d also like to try soy silk phoenix. i’ve been swatching with the ball of oasis i bought a while ago, and it’s so nice to work with.
  • hemp! both hemp for knitting’s pretty colours and the nepalese variety.
  • blue sky coloured cotton. looks to me like “pumpkin”, “poppy” and “tomato” would make a perfect jayne hat.

okay, enough browser-window shopping for now. maybe i’ll go and knit something!


happy new year!

hi the internet! sorry i haven’t updated in ages. i’ve been meaning to update you with some pictures of my pink mutiny! singlet, and other stuff, but have been a bit preoccupied. when i last updated. we’d just bought our first house and moved into it. since then:

  • our puppydog tinsley ran away and was missing for a couple of days. she was hit by a car, and hid in the bush for a couple of days with a broken jaw and a badly infected leg. she’s doing much better already, but has needed lots of care and attention and bandages. she’s still not allowed to chew things, but her wounds are healing really well. her website has more stories and pictures.
  • we had a random houseguest for a couple of weeks, who was really nice and made good conversation & smoothies.
  • i was ridiculously busy at work helping launch the new website, going to wellington for the the national digital forum & some other stuff, reviewing my job description & generally trying to get stuff done before the end of the year.
  • christmas! & attendant end-of-year socialising & such. we just got back from a short roadtrip to napier to see j’s mum and sister, and we’re heading off again soon.
  • i’ve been doing some work on my website(s) to make them more current and relevant. i reorganised some stuff on the main site and added a couple of new blogs: the word made flesh is about book arts & other people’s art is about the media & art i’ve been absorbing.

so, i haven’t fitted in a lot of knitting lately. i’ve knitted swatches of a few yarns to try and figure out what to make with them, and i halfheartedly started another hat:

red and orange hat on double pointed needles

but haven’t been very inspired to finish it: it’s not cold here & i don’t know who i’ll give it to.

i will update more soon, & will try to catch up with knitting-related emails this week. happy new year, everyone!

“… every building in town is a flat one”

okay, as promised, here is some knitting:

mutiny singlet

(click for more pictures). this is made from the mutiny! handpainted egyptian cotton i bought from the black stitch. the “pattern” is my own, and i’m not completely sure whether i’m finished yet – i’m considering doing something different around the neckline, or at least changing the length of the straps slightly. but, it’s done for now! it has a moss stitch border around the bottom and the sides of the straps, and has shaping for the waist and bust. i need to read more about short rows – i figured out what to do for this top by adjusting the instructions on this pattern, but i need to figure out short rows more generally, i think.

i had been worried about not having enough yarn, but i ended up with an extra ball! so i have enough for some kind of matching accessory.