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“… every building in town is a flat one”

okay, as promised, here is some knitting:

mutiny singlet

(click for more pictures). this is made from the mutiny! handpainted egyptian cotton i bought from the black stitch. the “pattern” is my own, and i’m not completely sure whether i’m finished yet – i’m considering doing something different around the neckline, or at least changing the length of the straps slightly. but, it’s done for now! it has a moss stitch border around the bottom and the sides of the straps, and has shaping for the waist and bust. i need to read more about short rows – i figured out what to do for this top by adjusting the instructions on this pattern, but i need to figure out short rows more generally, i think.

i had been worried about not having enough yarn, but i ended up with an extra ball! so i have enough for some kind of matching accessory.



  Emily wrote @

I was just looking at the entry for your wrist-warmers. They look yummy, so I looked at the pattern on Knitty.com . Did you make them using two circular needles or just one? I can imagine being able to use only 1 circular even with a 16″ no. 5 circular. I have DPN that I could use but I prefer to knit in the round if possible.

  HibiscuitsGirl wrote @

Cute! Thanks for the extra pics.

Also, I’m so glad your doggie is ok! How scary that must have been!

  moira wrote @

emily, i knitted them in the round on four DPNs. they were the first thing i knitted in the round and they were a really good introduction to the technique. they were a really satisfying knit too, – i wear mine all the time! you MIGHT be able to knit them on one circular needle, if it has a really small circumference (like, maybe one designed for socks, if there is such a thing) but it’s probably easier with 2 circulars or DPNs.

& thanks, ms. hibiscuits! yes, the doggy incident was really scary and horrible, and we’re so glad to have her back & recovering. your new dog looks cute! sounds like her home with you will be much happier than her old place.

  jodi wrote @

Very cute!

  moira wrote @

thanks jodi!

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