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hey, check it out: kpixie has a yarn called “vegan”! it’s recycled cotton and rayon sari fibre, and sounds the same as the “casablanca” yarn i bought a while ago from yarn traders (which is also labelled as ’suitable for vegans’). it’s cool that vegan knitting concerns have a high enough profile that products are being marketed as such.

i’ve never bought anything from kpixie (because of international postage costs; any other new zealanders want to split an order with me sometime?), but have long enjoyed browsing their website for its sexy stock pictures and amazing selection. some current vegan favourites:

  • shoshenshi linen paper by habu textiles. DROOL. paper and yarn at the same time? wow. i want to make a book out of this stuff.
  • they’re now stocking insubordiknit yarns! at the moment, shining in the dark and i am soy look appealing. i’m actually waiting for an insubordiknit package of my own – jacey posted it quite a while ago, but i guess it’s held up with christmas mail.
  • bamboo! yes, i’ve seen, and knitted with, swtc’s bamboo before, but kpixie has colours that aren’t stocked by my local dealer. black, brown, drake, fiery red, esquire. mmmm. i’d also like to try soy silk phoenix. i’ve been swatching with the ball of oasis i bought a while ago, and it’s so nice to work with.
  • hemp! both hemp for knitting’s pretty colours and the nepalese variety.
  • blue sky coloured cotton. looks to me like “pumpkin”, “poppy” and “tomato” would make a perfect jayne hat.

okay, enough browser-window shopping for now. maybe i’ll go and knit something!



  Wendy Gutgesell wrote @

I absolutely love your website. It is truly a blessing to see beautiful things made with non animal yarns. I love your soy chocolate hat, and would love a reference to a pattern for something like it. Can you please advise??

WAG all day!!!

  Sarah wrote @

I’m vegetarian, not vegan, but I’m so into trying new and different yarns. I got some of the swtc bamboo after reading your site. Anyway, would love to share shipping sometime!

  jacey wrote @

wow. it hasn’t gotten there yet? it’s been so long! didn’t i send that 2 months ago? does it usually take that long? hmmm..I’m a bit concerned. Let me see if i still have the info on that post. yikes! if it doesn’t get there soon, we’ll work something out.

  genny wrote @

Hi there

A friend has pointed me to your blog. I’m a lapsed vegetarian, and appreciate your commitment to knitting with vegan yarns. I’m not sure where you live, but we have a SnB that meet at St Lukes twice a month – let me know if you are interested.


  robyn wrote @

You are the queen of finding fabulous stuff! I want to try out the linen paper, I bet it feels incredible.

  sarah wrote @

I love this site! I’m so inspired. When searching for other vegan knitting ideas and sites, I found yours and it helped me discover habu textiles! I’ve linked your vegan knitting blog on my own blog for more people to discover.

  Sarah wrote @

Hi Moira! Was just wondering if you have heard of Yarn Harlot’s Knitting Olympics and want to join. We need a Team Kiwi! Come and visit my blog if you’re keen.

  Desirée wrote @

Sorry, but I have to tag you for the 4 things meme!! I don’t really know anyone, so I picked some blogs I lurk to tag. teehee. You’re it!

Four jobs you have had in your life

Four movies you could watch over and over

Four places you have lived

Four TV shows you love to watch

Four places you have been on vacation

Four websites you visit daily

Four places you’d rather be right now

Four bloggers you are tagging.

  holly wrote @

I wondered if vegans consider recycled silk truly “vegan”. In my eyes its not b/c it does contain silk. Can you explain? I’m spinning some vegan yarns lately but I didn’t know if this one was considered vegan or not.

  x-er wrote @

Is anyone interested in starting up a stich’n’bitch group in wellington? Although there’s BitchCraft, it would be wicked to have something where like-minded subversive/alternative-craft-type people can meet from time to time and share ideas… just putting it out there…

  greta wrote @

is there a stich n bitch set up in wellington?

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