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so, it’s taking a little while longer to migrate over to wordpress than i expected. the techy stuff is easy and fun, but as i’m migrating information i am checking all the sites i link to, and have found myself getting distracted a lot – catching up with people’s blogs, thinking about whether anything in my stash would match up with any of the new patterns i want to knit, and lusting over well-lit photographs of yarn. so, here are some links to a few things that have been distracting me, and i’ll post again soon (maybe from a new content management system, we’ll see).

  • “no sheep for you”, the book about knitting with plants (and silk) by amy knitty, is available for pre-order. from the description, it looks like it will be really useful, with lots of technical tips about knitting with plant fibres.
  • if you haven’t listened to the first three episodes of jacey’s insubordiknit podcast yet, you definitely should. and if you’re quick, there’s a handspun ecospun and hemp yarn in her shop that looks pretty interesting.
  • another gorgeous handmade veggie thing for sale: neck warmer by luxe
  • a couple of beautiful fibrey photos from ana voog’s crochet blog: wabi sabi, dog hair and lint
  • there are so many knitting podcasts these days! irie knits is another one – her episode 9 was “the vegan episode” in which she talks about vegan yarn and references this blog.
  • random yarn spotting: this cotton/acrylic tweed looks worthwhile.
  • grumperina put together a list of non-wooly sock yarns a while ago that will be really useful if i ever want to try knitting socks.
  • the calorimetry pattern in the last knitty is cute &’ easy & i’ve knitted three of them in the last twentyfour hours! for the first one, i followed the pattern exactly and the result was pretty big even on my oversized head. for the second two, i used smaller yarn and needles, and did fewer short rows. pictures and details soon!


  jennifer wrote @

i’m so glad that you’ve returned to this blog! i was checking it all year. thanks for posting a link to that tweed yarn, the colors are gorgeous. i wish there was a way to feel yarn through the internet.

  moira wrote @

hey, thanks! i’m glad to be back.

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