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hi! i’m writing this in my fancy new wordpress install. i’ve had lots of fun tinkering with the code & moving content across & am excited to start blogging regularly again. i still have a few little modifications to make, and will migrate all my blog archives over soon, but i wanted to post something here.

in the far right sidebar, you can see my most recent knitting-related photos posted on flickr, and links i’ve bookmarked on del.icio.us. i’ve been using these two services a lot lately, so you should see new things appearing on this site more often.

also on an administrative note: if you’ve been following fake sheep though an rss service like bloglines, you’ll need to change the rss feed that it’s checking. there’s a link to this site’s rss in the sidebar.

most recently, i’ve been knitting calorimetries:


check out the photos on flickr, and i’ll post more here soon!


  Missy wrote @

Hey, good to see you’re posting again! I like the new design and layout. Great job on calorimetries too! What yarn are you using?

  julia wrote @

Great to see you back! The blog looks beautiful too. I just love Calorimetry. I made one for my sister-in-law, and she hasn’t taken it off for days.

  moira wrote @

thanks, you two!

i’ve just made a new page about my calorimetries which has details about the yarn i used & such.

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