fake sheep

a website about vegan knitting

a couple of requests

from my inbox:

  1. debbie stoller wants to know about your experiences knitting for boys and men for a new stitch ‘n bitch project – you could win a stitch ‘n bitch page-a-day calendar like the one i got for christmas. submit your stories.
  2. someone emailed me to ask whether anyone i know can sell them a mon tricot knitting dictionary. leave a comment if you have one you’d like to sell, and i’ll pass on your contact details.
    (this blog comes up on the first page of google results for the name of the book, as i once bought one from trade me)

mon tricot dictionary



  barbara wrote @

hi. you could probably buy a copy on ebay as thats how i got mine. Barbara

  moira wrote @

thanks for the suggestion, barbara. i originally bought mine from trade me, which is the new zealand equivalent of ebay.

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