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calorimetries and vegan yarn

i just finished writing a new page about the calorimetries i knitted. here is calorimetry #2:

calorimetry #2

& i bought myself a present to celebrate re-launching the blog:

handspun viscose

this beautiful yarn named “grace” is 100% viscose, handspun by daniela kloppman/ felt studio. check out her shop on etsy for more – most of it is wool, but promises is viscose, tencel and sparkle.

other etsy finds (from searching for “vegan yarn”):

and while i’m linking, some other plant yarns i’ve noticed lately:

  • pine paper from habu textiles! knitch also stocks linen and cotton by habu which look amazing.
  • soysilk parfait is handspun soysilk, ecospun, nylon and cotton made by jacey of insubordiknit.
  • ray-flax by interlacements is a limited-edition rayon-flax blend in all kinds of bright colourways. some other yarns of theirs are also non-animal: new york is nylon ribbon, for example.

in other vegan yarn news, desirée has started a vegan yarn blog. the aim is to have a big list of vegan yarns referenced by weight and fibre. this looks like it could be really useful.

i’ve now finished migrating all the archives and comments over from the old system, so consider fake sheep officially re-launched!


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