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i knitted this 1×1 rib scarf over the holidays: a ball of patterned acrylic sitting in one of my yarn baskets looked as though it should be a scarf. i’m not sure whether i’ll actually wear this – certainly it’s not scarf weather today – or whether it will be for someone else.

yes, despite all my linking of beautiful expensive yarns made from exotic plants, i still knit with cheap acrylic pretty often. this vegan knitter wrote an interesting post recently about yarn snobbery and the classism attached: how regardless of vegan opinions about wool, not everyone can afford “luxury” animal (or plant) yarns and there’s no need to be elitist about it. i’m fortunate enough to be able to sometimes afford pricey yarns, but most of my stash is actually second hand: inherited from others, bought from people selling off their stashes on trade me, found at op shops.

one website i’m considering buying some yarn from is ecoyarns in australia. yarn traders is no longer stocking south west trading company stuff (soy silk, bamboo, etc), so i think australia is the closest place i can buy it from. i’d quite like to make something a bit bigger with soy silk (e.g. here is a v. cute soysilk tanktop knitted from a teva durham pattern), i think bamboo would make a good clapotis (& check out the beautiful new colours on the swtc blog), & a-maizing (made from corn fibre) looks interesting. ecoyarns also sells pakucho organic cotton (colour-grown & pretty dyed colours) and “black diamond” bamboo carbon fibre for handspinning.

and i probably won’t buy actually yarn from habu textiles because it’s on the other side of the world in new york, but i do like looking at their website. i was updating my vegan yarns page the other day, so browsed through their whole catalogue. some favourites:

i also added a couple of new fibres to the list: kenaf is a type of hibiscus, with fibre similar to jute. habu makes a couple of types of kenaf yarn. fique is related to the pineapple.

& to conclude this post with more beautiful expensive plant yarn, here is some v. pretty handspun soysilk on etsy.


  Ninni wrote @

Hi Moira!

You make a lot of great points in this post. Fancy vegan yarns are epensive and not everyone can buy them. I live in Finland and everything special has to be ordered from abroad. Right now I’m in a situation where I’ve finished my school and I have a job. A year ago I couldn’t have bought any of the yarn I now have, I didn’t even have a credit card. Still, I actually like acrylic yarn and knit often with it.

I agree with you on soy silk, it’s lovely to knit with, and it would be nice to knit a sweater or a cardigan with it. I made some tops from SWTC Phoenix and Oasis, they are both so easy to knit with. Pictures are in my blog.

  moira wrote @

Ninni, those soy silk tops you knitted are cute! I think either Oasis or Phoenix would make a really nice light cardigan. I think I might get some in black, next time I feel like spending.

  Paul wrote @

Ninni, you’re right about the vegan yarn being expensive lady. Me and my GF are looking into this sort of thing at the moment. It’s nowhere near as available as I’d like. We came across these jute bags will looking online for ecologically sound reusable bags. It doesn’t say on the site if they are vegan and the site owners aren’t sure either. Are jute bags normally also vegan or not in your experience?


  moira wrote @

paul, i can’t think why they wouldn’t be, unless they used animal glues or something – which seems pretty unlikely. jute itself is definitely vegan.

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