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i bought this little fimo brooch from alex (lately of cherry bomb) at craftwerk auckland a couple of months ago.

craftwerk is an alternative craft market that started in wellington last year, but has spread to auckland and now christchurch. i’ve had tables at a couple of the markets, selling zines and handmade books & it’s been lots of fun. here are some photos of last october’s craftwerk, featuring some cute knitted and crocheted things. also featuring james, helping out with the moon rocket table and wearing his fibonacci hat!

craftwerk (in auckland, anyway) isn’t regular, but upcoming markets are announced on their webpage (and the inevitable myspace page).



  Vanessa wrote @

Hi! My first visit, and enjoying myself. I will go and peek in a bit more…What is that curious little fimo brooch….

  moira wrote @

hi vanessa! i’m not sure what you’re asking:

what’s fimo?

what’s a brooch? (this one is backed with a safety pin)

or, what’s it supposed to be? a ball of yarn with a pair of knitting needles stuck through it.

  julia wrote @

This has nothing to do with your post (although let me just say: I really loved Craftwerk when I lived in Wellington, and I miss it). I have a question for you: is there a vegan yarn that is as warm as wool? I have really, really cold feet, so when I knit socks, I need a really warm fibre. Do you have any suggestions? Although, I do realise that it doesn’t get nearly as cold up there in balmy Auckland…

  moira wrote @

i haven’t knitted with it, but i’ve heard good things about wick, which is a blend of soy and polypropylene (i.e. what long johns are made out of) – i imagine it would keep heat in? here are some reviews on a messageboard and it’s also in grumperina’s list of non-wool sock yarns (which might have other good suggestions). pure synthetics are generally no good for socks as they don’t “breathe” well (i.e. stinky feet). i actually haven’t knitted any socks at all yet!

  julia wrote @

Thanks for those links. Wick sounds like a great option 🙂

  “torrance” wrote @

Very cute brooch

  moira wrote @

thanks torrance.

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