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yarn on k road

i bought myself a skein of beautiful yarn to celebrate re-launching fake sheep. this is “grace”, a skein of handspun hand-dyed viscose by daniela kloppmann/ feltstudio, who sells on etsy. i’m not sure what i’ll make with it yet, but i love the colours and subtle sparkliness. it’s as gorgeous as it looks in the pictures (click through to flickr for more).

more beautiful vegan handspun on etsy that i’ve noticed recently:

and on an administrative note, i had the bloglines feed for fake sheep fixed, so if you’re subscribed through bloglines you should be able to read my new entries. i have another couple of entries half-written, and this is a long weekend in auckland, so you will hear more from me soon.



  Ninni wrote @

Ooh, so pretty. I’m really into yarn that’s colourful and/or sparkly. The Jewels yarn that you mentioned looks also amazing. One can really make some great finds on Etsy. I just ordered some yarn from the Black Stitch and at the moment I’m trying to explain to myself that I don’t need to buy everything that’s in the online yarn stores.

  julia wrote @

Oh wow. That’s beautiful! Also, have you seen this Aussie site? http://live2knit.com.au/store/index.php?main_page=index
They have a range of hand dyed bamboo and soysilk yarns (including double knit) and also plain bamboo yarn for dying.

  vania wrote @

Thanks for these links. I was so excited to see that you’re back to the blogworld – i love your site!

  Helen wrote @

Hi Moira-

I hope you are good and another post is coming soon! – love your blog and am just learning to knit so have spent happy time looking through your archives.


  Erin wrote @

Hi there,

Just wanted to let you (and anyone else interested) know that I have just started a vegan knitting messageboard, and would love to see you there.

Please join in!


  Jana wrote @


Just wanna say, I think “felting” is overated and a cheaters way out of perfecting your stitches….LONG LIVE VEGAN KNITTERS!

I love Loomy stuff and Loom Knit when I Can, I recently found out the horrors of sheep treatment…..OMG!!!!

No Uggs, No Wool, No silk not even pearls!

BTW, I getmy knitting board stuff here, although i DID e-mail her about getting Vegan Yarn on her site….let’s see what is said.


  Sarah wrote @

Thank you for the links! That yarn looks great!

  urbanvegan wrote @

Gorgeous colors and texture!

  Jayden Penn wrote @

Beautiful yarn! I hope you will upload a picture of the finished product.

  urbanvegan wrote @

Those colors are just gorgeous…I have to get back into knitting again. My life has been too crazy–and the 2 kitties never leave my yarn or needles alone.

  Textual Bulldog wrote @

Beautiful, beautiful yarn! Can’t wait to see what you make with it.

  Rachel wrote @

LOVE the eye candy. Amazed that it is from a tree 🙂

I should explore more wool alternatives!

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