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on the needles

slowest knitting ever – originally uploaded by moirabot

i haven’t actually knitted anything since moving house, but yesterday i unearthed an old project that i started last july and knitted a few more rows. i started this scarf after i realised that i’d developed the bad habit of knitting things that looked pretty, but weren’t actually my style, and consequently never wearing them. so i thought about the clothes i wore the most, and came up with something to match: black, asymmetrical & a bit technically interesting. it’s uneven ribs (i’ll take pictures when they’re a little more advanced), knitted in black chunky acrylic.

the scarf is being knitted on a pair of handmade tasmanian oak needles that i bought in hahndorf last year, while visiting adelaide for work. they’re made by art viva.


knitting podcasts

Insubordiknit yarn curtain – originally uploaded by insubordiknit

towards the beginning of last year, it seemed there was a huge increase in knitting-related podcasts. i haven’t been following them recently, but my very favourite is insubordiknit podcast. filled with stories from knitters’ lives, the inspiration behind some of jacey’s amazing handspun yarn and hip-hop breakdowns of what’s on the knitting sticks, the podcast is as awesome as everything else jacey does. the picture attached to this post is a “beaded” yarn curtain made from handspun yarn that you can buy from insubordiknit. more pictures of yarn curtains on flickr.

a couple of other honourable mentions that are of vegan knitting interest are:

irie knitsepisode 9: the vegan episode briefly explains what veganism is and how it relates to knitting, and talks about foxfibre organic cotton yarn and other vegan yarns (referencing my vegan yarn page!).

stash and burn – in episode 20: ltb or bust, nicole and jenny both knitted the same tank top with different brands of bamboo yarn, so they talk about the pattern (lotus blossom tank from interweave knits) and compare the yarn they used: plymouth royal bamboo and south west trading company bamboo.

what are your favourite knitting podcasts? are there any other vegan podcasts that have talked about knitting, or knitting podcasts that have talked about veganism?

a different kind of vegan knitting

Knit Night Cupcakes – Yarn Balls – originally uploaded by teenytinyturkey

you may have seen these already, i’m a little out of the vegan knitting loop: knit night cupcakes! they’re vegan in the edible sense, and so famous they were featured on the martha stewart show.

go see more photos on flickr (including pictorial instructions for knitted marzipan) and check out more of lolo’s vegan recipes (& amazing food photography) at veganyumyum.com.

hello again

i didn’t mean to disappear from this blog, again – life turned a little inside-out for a while and i didn’t really knit, let alone write about it. i’m hoping to start writing here again, soon – people have left lots of good questions in comments on older posts, and so i have lots of things to write about.

yarn and books

meanwhile, here is a house-moving tip for people who, like me, have a lot of books and yarn: when packing, don’t fill whole boxes with books. instead, put a manageable number of books in a box and pack around them with yarn. this way you efficiently pack two types of thing at once, the corners of your books are protected from bumping, and the resulting boxes are not too heavy.

classic yarns