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slowest knitting ever – originally uploaded by moirabot

i haven’t actually knitted anything since moving house, but yesterday i unearthed an old project that i started last july and knitted a few more rows. i started this scarf after i realised that i’d developed the bad habit of knitting things that looked pretty, but weren’t actually my style, and consequently never wearing them. so i thought about the clothes i wore the most, and came up with something to match: black, asymmetrical & a bit technically interesting. it’s uneven ribs (i’ll take pictures when they’re a little more advanced), knitted in black chunky acrylic.

the scarf is being knitted on a pair of handmade tasmanian oak needles that i bought in hahndorf last year, while visiting adelaide for work. they’re made by art viva.



  Ninni wrote @

Yay, Mora’s back!

By the way, months ago I was browsing you flickr page and noticed your pics of the Lincoln House hotel in London. Thanks for the tip, I was in London last fall and we stayed there with the boyfriend. That’s a really lovely hotel with a frendly staff. I’d recommend it to vegans/vegetarians (and other people as well) visiting London any time.

  Ninni wrote @

Sorry, it seems I can’t write…. Moira is your name, naturally. *hangs head in shame and starts to work on her typing*

  Teresa wrote @

I love those needles – I’m going to make a pair for the Man-Cub – like the ones in the Creative Family by Amanda Blake Soule – and I make me a set with pretty polka dots – FUN!

  Savannah wrote @

Why don’t you sell the things you don’t wear and donate the money to an animal rights charity? 🙂

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