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Summer rain handspun soy silk

Originally uploaded by snowberrylime

this beautiful yarn is summer rain, soy silk handspun with little glass beads by veronika von allmen.

she’s been spinning a lot of beautiful soysilk lately – see also: “sunrise” pink & peach with flecks of yellow, gorgeous green, vintage pink with faux pearls & plain cream.

another vegan highlight of veronika’s etsy shop is handspun creamy cotton. this looks so soft!

other things found on etsy:
* daniela kloppmann (who sold me beautiful yarn a while ago) has some pretty things up at the moment – my favourites are: patchwork faux cashmere, patina soy silk, sweets handspun viscose which looks like an old fashioned candy shop.

* lots of beautiful handspun bamboo by different people: nevada sunset is shiny and faded, honeydew is like green melon, this little skein is jewel-coloured and spun with glass beads, new shoots bamboo is the colours of late spring.

* transition is all about spring too – a sproingy artyarn made from ingeo, cotton, tencel, linen, sparkle & beads.

* citrus handspun cotton/tencel is bright like orange juice.

* recycled, respun cotton in a very tasteful pink/green combo. soulfulhues also blogs about recycling yarn.

this is just a SELECTION. search for vegan yarn on etsy & be amazed at the range of animal-free gorgeousness.

meanwhile, my latest etsy purchase wasn’t knitting-related at all, but i’m so in love that i have to show you:

angry robot

angry robot pouch (currently a camera case) from anatomy of a skirt. check out her robot a day project, wherein she makes limited edition robot variations. today’s is a picassobot!