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Ball of Plarn

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making crochet or knit objects from recycled plastic bags isn’t a new thing – i remember handbags that my mother or granny had made out of plastic bags from my childhood – but the phenomenon seems to have undergone an internet revival since i was last blogging regularly. “plarn” can be made by hand using just a pair of scissors, or spun on a wheel or spindle and plied with different coloured bags or other fibres.

the instructions for making plarn are pretty simple. there are a bunch of videos on youtube including a really quick introduction to making basic plarn from a shopping bag, and six minutes on methods for spinning and plying plarn.

for inspiration and tips, there’s a flickr group about knitting and crocheting with plastic bags which has a few discussions about working with plarn, and a facebook group with more ideas and pictures.

& there are some really interesting examples of plarn online:

jes makes beautiful spun plarn and sells it on her etsy shop. some of my favourites: plastic bag, cassette tapes & paper beads, yellow, orange, brown & blue, brown & green. i also really like this tissue paper yarn she made.

m. k. lawrie makes plastic bag yarn (and also
also yarn recycled from tshirts and flannel).

plastique recreations on etsy sells handmade things made of reused plastic, including plarn. some of my favourites: mint chocolate chip, grey and white, neon blue and yellow

i also like this “newsprint” plied plarn and linen by skeins and steins.


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  Georgia Trevino wrote @

Without internet for a week, I had the chance to finally craft all the plastic bags into yarn…aka plarn (plastic yarn).

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