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1×1 rib (is the new garter stitch)

scarf in action


a stationery model

this is just a nothing-fancy 1×1 rib scarf made with nothing-fancy 100% acrylic print yarn from spotlight. 1×1 rib is the new garter stitch for me when it comes to scarves: not as first-knitting-project as garter stitch tends to look, not as curly as stockinette, mindless enough in the knitting, simple and utilitarian, warm since it’s thicker than a single layer, more grown-up than a chunkier rib pattern like 2×2.

relatedly: this soysilk scarf is in 1×1 rib.



  Casieopea wrote @

I have to wonder why you think that viscose is superior to wool.
At the very least, sheeps wool is a renewable resource – which doesnt kill the animal to produce. Viscose is a synthetic created by a process that is terribly UN environmentally friendly and polluting. I think I would rather take something from a live animal – that keeps producing, than to pollute our already overtaxed environment…. However, your mileage may vary!!
(google – “what is viscose”)
have fun!

  moira wrote @

casieopea, i’m not sure i follow – viscose is made from processed cellulose fibre, from wood pulp. wood comes from trees, which are a renewable resource. the processing involves chemicals, as does the raising of sheep, and the scouring and dying of wool. if i’m googling viscose (thanks, it wouldn’t be the first time, i tend to research my choices), maybe you could google environment sheep farming & read about the effects of sheep farming on the environment.

the scarf above is not made of viscose but acrylic, so maybe you’re aiming your comment at petrochemicals? in which case i’m sure you’ve considered the amount of petrol used to raise and transport sheep, and the energy used in commercially processing wool.

sheep don’t die when you shear them, but with the exception of boutique farms that treat their sheep more like pets, every sheep raised for wool is eventually killed for meat. it’s the same industry.

i’m not arguing that “viscose is superior to wool”, i’m stating that wool is not acceptable to me as a vegan who doesn’t support animal farming. i weigh non-animal alternatives on their own merits. my preference is for organic plant yarns but i don’t exclude some synthetics (mostly second-hand, though the above scarf was knitted with new acrylic).

  Daniel wrote @

Moira, bravo. You are an intelectually and spiritually gifted person.
Casieopea, when you try to patronise someone, at least make sure you have glossed through some basic level of information on the subject or you just come across as arrogant and foolish.

  andie wrote @

wow i had no idea sheep were killed once they were shorn. as a long-time vegetarian who is attempting veganism, i believe that one’s actions on the environment are as important as picking one’s food for reasons of morality. i will certainly be more careful now, thank you!

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