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calorimetry up close

calorimetry #2

calorimetry #3

these headband-earwarmer things are calorimetries, based on the pattern on knitty.

i knitted the first one following the pattern exactly, and the result ended up really large, even on my notably oversized head. for the second (orange) one, i switched to DK weight yarn on 3.75mm needles, and did 11 short row repeats instead of 15, and the result was much more what i was expecting. the third (black) one was also knitted in DK on 3.75mm needles, with just 7 repeats.

after knitting the first one, i did some googling and discovered that almost everyone who followed the pattern ended up with a too-big result, there seems to be a discrepancy between the pattern as written on the knitty site and the example in the photos. other than that, though, it’s a great pattern – really easy to follow and remember, and the resulting object is pretty cute.

my first calorimetry was knitted with a random ball of yarn inherited from my nephew’s kindergarten, who were getting rid of some craft supplies at the end of the year. the second was generic orange acrylic from spotlight (so generic that the ball band just says “8 ply acrylic”). the third was a 50% cotton/ 50% dralon blend called “cotton fields” which i bought from the warehouse a while ago.



  Donyale wrote @

Googled Calorimetry scarf and found the answer to my question via you – it’s TOO big! Gaaaah. Thanks for the photos and suggestions.

  moira wrote @

oh no! i have been thinking about re-knitting the big, pattern-sized one, but might wait until winter so i can decide whether the current size is good for warmth. good luck with making one that’s a good size.

  dogfaceboy wrote @

Hi. Have you seen the ones with the rows that go the other way? The long way? Anthropologie has an incredible gray one with a knitted rose. My girlfriend has the one knitted that way, too, and I can’t find a pattern anywhere. If you know what I mean, would you e-mail me? Thanks!

  Katie wrote @

Hi! I just knit this for the first time over the weekend. Like yours it came out WAY too big the first time. I noticed on your third attempt it looks smaller and you said you used only 7 repeats. Does that mean that on the pattern where you’re supposed to repeat row 5 15 times, you only repeated it 7 times? What about the row you’re supposed to repeat 17 times, what did you do for that?


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