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hats for everyone!

laura's hat

laura's hat

rainbow hat

rainbow hat

rainbow hat

tiny baby hat

kirsty's hat

kirsty's hat

thomas' hat

amy's hat

paige's hat

my new hat

my new hat

so, i’m going through a bit of a hat knitting phase. after i made my brown hat & james’ fibonacci hat, i had a few requests from people for their own versions.

these are all made the same basic way (from the top, using “make one” increases in a swirly pattern), but some have a moss stitch edge & others have 2×1 ribbing. from top to bottom:

  • laura’s hat is red “craft spun” 8 ply acrylic and purple “venus” v-knit 8 ply acrylic.
  • jess’ rainbow hat is “wendy” double knit courtelle. i bought a ball of it from masco’s & wanted to see how it knitted up.
  • the little stripy hat is panda magnum print 8 ply & “craft spun” acrylic, it’s in the mail as i type this and i hope it fits its recipient.
  • kirsty’s hat is dark green “craft spun” & light brown panda magnum acrylic.
  • thomas’ hat is red & blue “craft spun”.
  • amy’s hat is purple and light brown panda “magnum”, dark brown “crafty bits” acrylic and blue/ dark blue “craft spun”.
  • paige’s hat is craft spun and panda acrylic.
  • my new hat is blue & brown “olympus” double knitting acrylic

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  vegancharlie wrote @

I Just love your blog. I’ve recently wanted to take up knitting because I love those saggy hats and the really big scarves. I feel like a lot of the time they are over priced and I am sort of a hobby collector. 😛 This blog it amazing!

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