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pointy goblin hat

pointy hat

pointy hat

pointy hat

pointy hat

this was an experiment and a chance to use up the ends of some balls of acrylic. it’s stockinette knitted in the round, and the “pattern” was basically to reduce one stitch every row.

this was knitted in 100% acrylic – “craft spun” 8 ply.



  jamie wrote @

Do you know of any goblin pointy hats that have a pattern to go with it?

  Jessica wrote @

i just read that you knitted this. but is there anyway to crochet it?
ive been DYINGGG to know how to make these. and summer is coming soon :/ i hate the summer. and plus i wudnt be able to wear hats.
but if you cud email me back that wud be great. i also have instant message.

  Jessica wrote @

i forgot to leave my email. its ch333ri0s@aol.com
and thats a zero——————-^

  Moira Clunie wrote @

the “pattern” for this hat was:

1. cast on lots of stitches on a small diameter circular needle (more than you’d need to fit around the circumference of your head).

2. place a stitch markerat the beginning of the row & start knitting in a circle.

3. on every row, knit the last two stitches together.

4. switch to a different colour yarn when you want to add a stripe.

5. eventually, transfer the stitches onto double-pointed needles and keep knitting until there are no stitches left.

sorry jessica, i don’t crochet so i have no idea how to crochet this.

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