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i’m still knitting…

did you miss me?

sorry for my lengthly knit-blogging absence. things got really busy with organising small print, so i wasn’t knitting much for a while, and lately i’ve had quite a few things to update about, but not enough time to write about them all. so, this is a little update, and hopefully i’ll have time to write more soon.

i bought new yarn a couple of weeks ago, from yarn traders:

bamboo, soy and cotton scraps

this is:

  • 3 balls of bamboo yarn made by south west trading company, in “electric blue”. i have wanted to try knitting this for ages, and especially wanted to knit the ballerina top. so, i got three balls and the pattern. i’ve knitted the back, and the beginning of the front. there’s a maths problem with this pattern, and i’m not totally sure it’s going to work out properly and fit, but i’ll post more about that later (also, progress pictures!) the bamboo is really nice to work with, all smooth and soft, a bit like cotton ribbon yarn.
  • a ball of oasis soy silk (also south west trading company) in “canyon”. tofu byproduct yarn! what could be more awesome? it’s really soft and the colours are pretty. i haven’t tried knitting it yet.
  • a hank of casablanca yarn, which is very similar to the recycled sari silk all the kids have been talking about, except made with rayon/ cotton scraps instead of silk. it’s colourful and scrappy and beautiful. i am looking forward to knitting with it

more soon, including bamboo adventures, freestyled fingerless gloves, and more hats!


  jacey wrote @

yay! i did miss you! you were the first vegan knitting site i found and then you dissapeared. I’ve been vegan for 15 years (though I do spin wool from animal sactuaries etc), and i just started spinning vegan yarns too! woohoo! i’m glad you’re back!

  moira wrote @

yay! i emailed you about your blog and yarn, how exciting that you’re handspinning plants! i’ll definitely be updating this blog more over the next while.

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